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This Christmas, spoil your loved ones just a click away!

We are entering the season to celebrate the most magical time of the year. The ideal moment, to give and receive affection and love, with those who have been part of our lives for another year.

The online gift voucher, in addition to being a comfortable way to make your purchases at home, will help you avoid having to face the countless queues that exist in physical spaces.

In this publication, we have gathered some gift suggestions to offer to those you love most.

For mothers who deserve all the care in the world…

The Zen Beauty Ritual is the perfect Ritual for all Super Moms. This Ritual begins with a full body detox exfoliation, helping to release toxins accumulated in the body. Afterwards, a relaxing massage will be performed, with a therapeutic component, on the back, shoulders and neck. Finish with a relaxing mini-facial.

For parents who never stop and need to breathe and take a moment to pause…

Specially created for all men who need a break and to get out of their daily routine, Ritual for Man offers a moment where you can relieve all the accumulated tension with a relaxation massage or full body therapy, finishing with a mini facial, which will renew your energy.

Special moments that deserve to be shared, with those we love most…

Invite your loved one to enjoy a unique and relaxing experience with our Stones Paradise massage (for two). While you deeply relax with the heat of the volcanic stones, side by side, in a candlelit environment, you will also feel the power of aromatherapy through our essential oils.

Special gifts for the dearest grandparents…

A treat for the most special ones… our beloved Grandparents! Offer an Azure Wellness & SPA signature massage. Within this range we can find the following massages.
Hot & Unique: ideal for colder days. This massage is done with hot volcanic stones and hot oils.
Summer Breeze: Revitalize and energize, on the hottest summer days, with our Aloe Vera and essential oils massage.
Heal & Restore (for two): A magical moment to be shared by the most spectacular grandparents. This massage will be ideal to eliminate all accumulated tension and relax your body and mind.

“Friendship is a love that never dies” … for my best friend.

We all have a friend who accompanies us through thick and thin, and deserves to be pampered. Surprise her with a Bio face facial treatment, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and deep hydration, to brighten and balance her face.

“Baby on the way”

Offer a Mom-to-Be massage to the future mom who is part of your life. This treatment will relax, stimulate blood circulation and reduce edema specific to each pregnant woman.

An anti-stress treat

The ideal gift, for that person who is always more stressed, doesn’t exactly have to be the most difficult to find. This Christmas, offer a Therapeutic Ritual massage, in order to relieve and remove all accumulated tension, caused by everyday stress. The perfect massage for those looking for more intense pressure and immediate relief from muscle and joint pain.

Gift Vouchers “for the most indecisive”

When the most anticipated time of the year arrives, we always feel that there is someone in our life that we really want to give as a gift and show all the affection and affection, but we don’t know for sure what the ideal gift is. For these situations, we created our Gift Voucher, where you can choose the amount you want to offer.

Offer experiences!


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