Mother… a sublime word with just three letters. It signifies purity, lightness, tenderness, and protection. The first special bond we create, from the moment we are just a seed about to thrive. A bond that forms and flourishes infinitely.

Thinking about this special moment in a woman’s life, we decided to present her this month with our Mom-to-be massage.

Share this experience with your baby and let yourself be lulled into deep relaxation, which will help you escape the stress of daily life and relieve the pains and discomfort that will arise throughout pregnancy. This massage ends up being quite essential for your birth preparation.

In this article, we highlight some benefits and precautions to enjoy this experience.

Welcome your baby in the best possible way!

Benefits of the Mom-to-be massage:

  • reduction of edema: It is quite common during pregnancy for the joints to become more inflamed due to reduced blood circulation. The massage will help the softer tissues, which will reduce fluid in the joints. It also helps remove toxins from the lymphatic system.
  • relief of pain and tension: Pain in the lower back and legs is often frequent during pregnancy. The Mom-to-be massage will activate blood circulation, helping to ease typical pregnancy cramps. You will also feel less anxiety and fatigue.
  • hormonal balance: Prenatal care massage will also promote good mood by working on the concentration of serotonin and dopamine. For women who decide to have this massage regularly, it will be beneficial not only for the birth itself but also for the development of the fetus and newborn, providing well-being.

Precautions for the Mom-to-be massage:

  • This massage is recommended only from 13 weeks onward due to the high risk of miscarriage before this period.

The technique used will be similar to a relaxation and drainage massage. The pressure applied will be light to moderate in certain areas to relieve muscle tension and improve both blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

This massage is mainly performed with the expectant mother lying on her side. This position is quite comfortable as it does not put pressure on the back, relieving tension points.

We finish with the client lying on her back and relaxing with a special scalp massage.

Massages can be beneficial to your health, especially during such a special and unique phase as pregnancy. Including it in your prenatal routine will provide physical, psychological, and emotional well-being not only for you but also for the baby.

Always consult your doctor to fully enjoy this experience.

See you at Azure Wellness & SPA… see you soon!



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