Welcome to the Month of LOVE. The month in which we begin to feel the climate changing, the sun shining, and warming our hearts. A month of sharing and giving, the ideal time to reinforce the dedication and commitment that our loved ones deserve so much.

Valentine’s Day Mission: Spoiling the One You Love

To help you pamper the person you love the most, we suggest a unique experience in a comforting and relaxing candlelit environment, where you can be side by side, inhaling the wonderful aroma of essential oils, enjoying soothing music that will lead you to unwind and lose track of time.

Let yourself be carried away by the warmth and coziness of our Ritual for 2

Begin the experience with a Stones Paradise massage, where you will feel the fusion of the warmth of hot volcanic stones, combined with manual relaxation and muscle decompression techniques. After deep relaxation, surrender to a mini facial, moisturizing, and invigorating.

Finally, conclude your couple’s experience with our Tea Ritual, where you can indulge in a tea of your choice accompanied by our handmade cookies, specially designed for this special day.

Benefits of the Ritual for 2:

  • time to gaze
  • time to talk
  • time to smile
  • time to pamper
  • time to recharge

Because, after all, the best gift you can give to your loved one is your time.

Love was made for me and you!

Nat King Cole

Enjoy the ritual!

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